Maine Out Of State Client Defense

A vacationland for many, Maine sometimes leaves its guests with more than fond memories. No matter where you find yourself at odds with police, a summons or arrest is a serious and scary ordeal. When you are charged with a crime in a state you were visiting, the ordeal follows you home and may soon become overwhelming.

You need the services of a local defense lawyer who can focus on resolving your legal problems here in Maine so you can move forward with your life freely and unencumbered.

If you or someone you care for received a criminal summons from the state of Maine, do not delay taking actions to defend yourself from prosecution. Legal problems only compound over time. Be proactive by contacting an established Maine defense attorney as soon as possible.

A native Maine lawyer with extensive criminal case experience can help. I can ensure your interests are fully and fairly represented at every stage of the legal process. My commitment ends only when the best possible resolution for your case has been secured.

How a Maine Defense Lawyer Helps an Out Of State Client

I offer out of state clients a no-cost consultation by phone. I can also make it a priority to minimize your need to return to the state if that is your preference. In fact, many clients need not return to Maine at all.

My practice provides out-of-state clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are receiving highly qualified defense services and my undivided attention to their case.

Read a sample of my client reviews to see what former out-of-state clients say about my defense work for them. My commitment to find a positive solution is heightened for clients not present in the state. I ensure their distance does not make them vulnerable in the criminal justice system of Maine.

As a criminal defense specialist, I can give you accurate answers to your questions. For example, many non-Maine residents want answers to questions like:

I answer these questions on a regular basis. Talking with me about your legal trouble can provide immediate relief by removing some of the uncertainties you have. Call my office at your earliest convenience to learn more about how I may be of assistance: 207-941-0999.


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    College Students and Out-of-state Families

    Aggressive policing around college campuses leaves many hard-working college students with criminal charges. Common charges include Operating Under the Influence, Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Possession of Marijuana by a Minor, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief, and other offenses. These charges can disrupt a college career and may impact the bright futures of these students.

    College students may be from Maine, or they may be from other States with parents a long distance away. Whether local or out-of-State, this can be a very difficult time for both the student and his or her parents. As a parent myself, I understand – and I can help. I devote a large portion of my practice to representing College students and I work to minimize the consequences of these charges on their futures. I frequently take calls with parents and meet with families at my office. I can demystify the legal process and also give clear direction as to what steps should be taken to prepare the best defense.

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