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Providing Criminal Defense Services Throughout Central, Eastern and Northern Maine

Attorney Richard Hartley provides criminal defense representation in many locations across Central, Eastern and Northern Maine. With an office centrally located in Bangor, Attorney Hartley offers telephone meetings to people outside the area to review their case and to prepare for court appearances.

As for the actual court appearances, he works to minimize the client’s need to appear. When it is necessary for the clients to appear he makes arrangements to meet at the Courthouse in advance of an appearance.

The map below shows the area of Maine that we serve along with specific cities where Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Hartley attends court for his clients.

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    Ellsworth Criminal Defense

    criminal and OUI defense in Ellsworth MaineWhether you live in Ellsworth or you’re here on business you probably know it is the economic haven for this part of the state and one of the fastest growing areas. Known as the heart of Downeast Maine, Ellworth is also known for residents spending leisure time in the Acadia National Park or out of state vacationers making their way to Bar Harbor.

    With a large amount of people comes a large amount of law enforcement presence which increases your chances of a run in.

    Good people make mistakes, it happens. If you find yourself charged with an OUI or other criminal offense when visiting Hancock County call Hartley Law for a free consultation.

    Maine District Court – Ellsworth


    50 State St., Ste 2
    Ellsworth, ME 04605

    Phone: (207) 667-7141

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Terry Harding
    District Attorney – Natalie Foster

    Ellsworth Court handles cases from Hancock County, including the town of Bar Harbor.

    Belfast Criminal Defense

    Centpacrr at en.wikipedia / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)Belfast has something for everyone to see. Whether you are a local area resident or on vacation you can enjoy the beautiful waterfront on Penobscot Bay or walk through historic downtown.

    The community of Belfast is diverse. There are business owners, professionals, farmers and lobstermen who all take great pride in the town welcoming the many visitors that come to enjoy the experiences of this coastal town in Maine.

    There are times when good people in Belfast need legal representation. For that reason Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Hartley has dedicated his practice to protecting the rights of those accused of various crimes.  If you need help call the office to schedule a free consultation.

    Maine District Court – Belfast


    11 Market St.
    Belfast, ME 04915

    Phone: (207) 338-3107

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Clerk – Brooke Otis
    District Attorney – Natasha Irving

    Belfast Court handles cases from Waldo County.

    Skowhegan Criminal Defense

    Skowhegan criminal and oui defenseWhether you’re a local or a visitor, Skowhegan has something for everyone; hiking, swimming, snowshoeing, art and heaps of history. Skowhegan is the seat of Somerset County, the largest producer of maple in the country and host to the longest consecutively running agricultural fair.

    The historic town hosts a number of events  such as the Somerset SnowFest, the Skowhegan Craft Brew and River Fest which takes place on the Kennebec River drawing thousands of visitors.

    Even in an area as beautiful as this you may have a brush with the law that could leave you facing a life changing situation. If this has happened to you call Attorney Richard Hartley who is not only a Maine native but has dedicated his career to tirelessly to defend his clients.

    Maine District Court – Skowhegan


    47 Court St.
    Skowhegan, ME 04976

    Phone: (207) 474-9518

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Susan Forebush
    District Attorney – Meaghan Maloney

    Skowhegan Court handles cases from Somerset County.

    Dover-Foxcroft Criminal Defense

    criminal defense in dover-foxcroftDover-Foxcroft in Piscataquis County is considered a community for all seasons. The area is perfect for both visitors and residents to enjoy hiking and fishing in the spring while spending the summer boating on Sebec Lake. If it’s the cooler weather you enjoy you can go horseback riding to view the beautiful fall foliage or in the heart of winter you can snowmobile and ski.

    If there comes a time you find yourself in trouble with law enforcement you should have a man who was raised on the shores of Sebec Lake on your side. That man is Richard Hartley, who grew up in Dover-Foxcroft, attending Foxcroft Academy where he completed his secondary education.

    Attorney Hartley has the skill and knowledge to help with OUI, suspended licenses, domestic assault or many other crimes you could be charged with. Call (207) 941-0999 to schedule a free review of your case.

    Maine District Court – Dover-Foxcroft


    159 East Main St., Ste. 21
    Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426

    Phone: (207) 564-2240

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Lisa Richardson
    District Attorney – Marianne Lynch

    Dover-Foxcroft Court handles cases from Piscataquis County.

    Lincoln Criminal Defense

    oui defense in lincoln maineLincoln is one of the best kept secrets in Maine. The town holds unlimited opportunities for residents and travelers with over 20,000 acres of woodland and 4,000 acres of water. Lincoln is family and senior friendly making it a wonderful place to raise children or simply retire.

    The vast number of lakes and rivers provide many recreational activities such as fishing, boating, hiking abd ATV riding.

    Lincoln is easily accessible off I-95 which makes it convenient for Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Harley to go to court and defend the area citizens. There are times when you may find the need to have a skilled attorney that can provide an effective defense for an OUI or other crimes.

    Maine District Court – Lincoln


    52 Main St.
    Lincoln, ME 04457

    Phone: (207) 794-8512

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Katherine Ward
    District Attorney – Marianne Lynch

    Lincoln Court handles cases from Northern Penobscot County.

    Millinocket Criminal Defense

    oui criminal defense in MillinocketWith the amazing view of Mt. Katahan along with the Penobscot River people like to call Millinocket a home away from home. The many outdoor activities like kayaking, biking, parachuting and water rafting can keep you busy if you are in Millinocket on vacation.

    The people who live in Millinocket are surrounded by acres of lakes, rivers, mountains and forests living in the middle of North Maine Woods.

    Attorney Richard Hartley offers his legal services to those who reside or visit the area and find themselves in trouble. He frequently travels from his Bangor office to defend clients in the Millinocket court who are accused of crimes. Call today for a free consultation.

    Maine District Court – Millinocket


    207 Penobscot Ave.
    Millinocket, ME 04462

    Phone: (207) 723-4786

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Katherine Ward
    District Attorney – Marianne Lynch

    Millinocket Court handles cases from Northern Penobscot County.

    Newport Criminal Defense

    criminal defense in newportNewport, Maine is nestled on the shoreline of Sebasticook Lake making it a great place for water recreation whether it is fishing, swimming or a long boat ride it has something for everyone.

    The town has a long history that dates back to the late 1700’s. In 1949 there were many thriving industries in Newport including the milk factory, the woolen mill, the bottling works and the canning factory. Today Newport is a community focused family centric area that hosts thousands of visitors in the summer months.

    Hartley Law provides a variety of criminal defense services for anyone charged with a crime including driving offenses such as OUI in Newport. The law office is located in Bangor but Attorney Hartley travels within many areas of Maine.

    Maine District Court – Newport


    12 Water St.
    Newport, ME 04953

    Phone: (207) 368-5778

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Ronda Nelson
    District Attorney – Marianne Lynch

    Newport Court handles cases from Southern Penobscot County.

    Calais Criminal Defense

    criminal and oui defense in CalaisCalais, the international boundary between Maine and Canada sits along the St. Croix River. The town is unique in the fact that it has some of the highest tides in the U.S. as the river rises and falls 25 ft. two times each day. The Whitlock Mill Lighthouse is a spectacular site that is still in operation today helping guide the ships from Passamaquoddy Bay.

    If you enjoy outdoor activities you can white water canoe on the St. Croix River as well as explore the Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge which is nearly 30,000 acres. In Calais you can also take a walk along the 1.5 mile waterfront walkway path that parallels the river.

    Attorney Richard Hartley is dedicated to fighting for the rights of Maine citizens. He provides criminal defense in Calais making the close to two hour drive from Bangor to go to court for anyone who retains his services.

    Maine District Court – Calais


    382 South St., Ste B
    Calais, ME 04619

    Phone: (207) 454-2055

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Karen Moraisey
    District Attorney – Matthew Foster

    Calias Court handles cases from Eastern Washington County.

    Machias Criminal Defense

    criminal defense in MachiasThere are so many wonderful things about the town of Machias, waterfalls, blueberries, rebellion and more. The beautiful waterfalls located on the Machias River once powered the vast amount of mills that produced lumber which could reach the port. During the Revolutionary War the British demanded lumber from Machias. This resulted in a rebellion and the first naval battle of the American Revolution.

    Machias is in the middle of the blueberry belt therefore famous for their blueberries. August of every year is full of activities that celebrate this delicious fruit.

    In all the beauty there can me interruptions for some who may end up in trouble. If that happens you should know that Hartley Law is here to protect you. Attorney Richard Hartley provides criminal and OUI defense in Machias for residents and visitors.

    Maine District Court – Machias


    85 Court St.
    Machias, ME 04654

    Phone: (207) 255-3044

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Allison Wood
    District Attorney – Matthew Foster

    Machias Court handles cases from Eastern Washington County.

    Orono Criminal Defense

    criminal defense in oronoOrono located along the Penobscot River is home to the University of Maine. This college town has a lot of activities for all to enjoy including the Stillwalk River trail or the Orono Farmers’ Market. Orono has the region’s best collection of bars and restaurants which can be accessed by students using the Black Bear Orono Express.

    The university is considered a very high quality college however as students like to let lose they can find themselves charged with a crime. Even the smallest contact with the law can be devastating to both the student and their parents.

    Attorney Richard Hartley specializes in criminal defense for college students who find their futures at risk. He has defended students charged with theft, underage DUI, drug offenses and even drivers license suspensions.

    Maine District Court – Bangor

    If you are charged with a crime in Orono you will be attending court in Bangor.


    78 Exchange St.
    Bangor, ME 04401

    Phone: (207) 561-2300

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Diana Durgin
    District Attorney – R. Christopher Almy, Esq.

    Bar Harbor Criminal Defense

    oui and criminal defense in bar harborBar Harbor is one of the largest vacation spots in Maine. People from all over the world come to stay in this beautiful town located on Mount Desert Island. There is so much to do when you are in Bar Harbor relaxing like enjoying the water, the beach, the Acadia National Park or one of the wonderful restaurants offering a one-of-a-kind experience.

    There are instances when the enjoyment of a vacation can lead to mistakes. It’s possible to drink to much in the summer sun or have an argument or make a poor decision to drive. When bad things happen to good people Hartley Law is here to protect you.

    Attorney Richard Hartley defends out of state residents charged with OUI, assault, disorderly conduct and other crimes. Call our office for a free consultation to start protecting your rights today.

    Maine District Court – Ellsworth

    If you are charged with a crime in Bar Harbor you will be attending court in Ellsworth.


    50 State St., Ste 2
    Ellsworth, ME 04605

    Phone: (207) 667-7141

    Court Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

    Court Clerk – Terry Harding
    District Attorney – Matthew Foster

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